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    Engaging AP - Expert Mode using AP Panel - Engage then Disengages

    Ensure your AP disconnect button is not closed to ground.
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    week gps 250 signal when both Skyview Classic Sreens are on

    My 250 and 2020 antennas are both mounted on the glare shield of my RV-7. Neither has an issue with both screens turned on. That said, my antenna wire runs are short and are not tied in with other wires that might generate noise.
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    Mode S "N" number not pinging. Says I'm Russian?

    Older versions of the Skyview software required manual input (or was it sometimes incorrectly calculated?) of the HEX code. You have to remove and re-enter the N number to correct it, I believe. Also, make sure the XPNDR is in TEST mode during the check.
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    I can not get my Garmin 430 to interface with my SV 1000.

    This is typically a configuration problem on one side or the other but could also be a wiring issue or pin that was not fully seated in a connector. Ring out all the related wires and confirm the configuration is correct.
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    Fuel flow configuration ?

    Can you confirm you have 12v on the red wire? (not 5v like the other sensors).
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    D10A Checklists

    There is another thread where a Dynon user posted a link to his utility to help with checklist creation. Try the search button, top right.
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    Classic to HDX upgrade questions

    The person I thought might be interested, is not. I see you've posted on VAF. Good luck with the sale.
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    Intercom causes howling on transmissions

    Also be sure your headset (edit) and mic jacks are insulated from any metal.
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    Classic to HDX upgrade questions

    Message communicated. Awaiting reply.
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    Air speed readout

    Sounds like you have a non-Dynon AOA. The Dynon AOA system only provides oral beeps that go to a solid tone. Also, there is no potentiometer needed since the sound is adjustable in the EFIS.
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    Manual Update Question

    Dynon provides a copy of the manual that shows changed pages. In the military, they provided only the changed pages so we could replace the affected page in the manual and avoid issuing the entire manual in print for many thousands of users. I enjoyed putting the changes in the manuals (as an...
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    New 2020 GPS antenae fails in cold temps

    My 2020 and 250 antennas are mounted on the glare shield of my RV-7A but I would not put them there again due to the glare on the windshield. I have them temporarily covered with plans to make fiberglass covers and paint them black, held down by velcro.
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    Classic to HDX upgrade questions

    I might have a buyer for one D700 for his RV-3. He'll want to know the price.
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    Intercom causes howling on transmissions

    22g wire would be fine. You can put the ring terminal under the DB-9 connector screw on the intercom. As a general rule, you want all your audio related grounds going to one point, then from that point to the aircraft ground, which should attach to the battery ground.
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    Serial Connection to XCOM 760

    If the radio uses the Garmin SL30 protocol, it should work fine. That would depend on the XCOM documentation.