fuel flow

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    %power and fuel flow

    Seems odd but have an intermittent problem with the EFIS displaying %power and fuel flow. Nothing I do with the display fixes it. The Dynon is earthed to a forest of tabs on the firewall and rest of the EFIS is working fine. This unit was returned to Seattle in January this year as something...
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    Fuel Flow Setup

    On my Seneca I have two transducers to measure fuel flow. I would like to start over and do the calibration. I understand that the return flow is subtracted from the supply to get the consumption. Where do I start? Both set at 68000? When I do the test flights and measure actual and compute...
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    fuel flow parameter red cube

    hi , i have installed fuel flow sensor red cube then fuel flow installed, pin installed as indicated now in the engine info page I can see real time consumption real time flight time. the red cube is installed before one carburator of my rotax 912 only I can not understand how to set the...
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    fuel -- full thank but dynon only 50

    i have a eurostar ev97 with single tank. I recently installed dynon hdx 10 inches. I have filled up with fuel but the system does not detect 65 liters but only 50. am I wrong something? Thanks for your help
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    Fuel flow configuration ?

    I have an EI Ft-60 fuel flow transducer. It was installed before the Dynon was installed and ran fine. I have wired it per the manual rev AE on page 7-57. Black - pin 30 White - pin 14 Red - pin 15 The wires ring out just fine. I have configure the Dynon Ems mapping to fuel flow and set the...
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    2 independant Fuel flow sensors

    I would like to install 2 independant fuel flow sensors, one on each tank pipe The idea is to check the fuel consummed on each tank. I know that I have to modify the config file... But : is it possible to display : - total fuel consummed - fuel consumed for tank 1, for tank 2 - fuel remaining...