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    SV-intercom-2s music input

    I would make sure your shielding isn't carrying current. The shielding need to be bonded at only one end and are connected to a non-current carrying ground.
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    SV-intercom-2s music input

    It's not an issue with Rotax ignition systems.
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    Bluetooth Intercom/Audio Panel

    Great idea.
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    Transponder sqawk code menu/shortcut?

    Great idea!
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    New FAA ADS-B policy

    It would be nice to get some clarification from Dynon, as they said they got the FAA's ok for the GPS-250 until 2020.
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    Latest FAA ADSB Refund Program

    When signing up it states "I will install Technical Standard Order (TSO)-certified ADS-B avionics on or after 10/12/2018; aircraft detected with ADS-B Version 2 avionics prior to this date are not eligible." It sounds like a SV-GPS-2020-only upgrade won't qualify, correct?
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    Latest FAA ADSB Refund Program

    It sure would be nice, but I don't think the rules have changed. As noted in the first round, just adding the new GPS would not qualify. If you didn't have the xponder, then you could apply, as you would be buying the GPS and xponder. I hope someone can tell me I'm wrong, so I can sign up...
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    Intercom noise at music inputs.

    I would suggest trying an audio ground loop isolator in between the intercom and the iPod. It's only $8.99 on Amazon.
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    Practice IFR approach capability

    If it's an experimental aircraft, flying VFR, not on an IFR flight plan, why would that be illegal? You're not in the system and you're maintaining VFR.
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    Dynon Updates

    It's completely Van's choice. The regulations for S-LSA give the manufacture control over this. They could say keep it up to date via Dynon, or they could say NO updates ever, or on a case-by-case basis. E-LSA, however, Van's (any anyone else) gets zero say. It's your experimental aircraft...
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    Dynon Updates

    Only if it's an S-LSA.
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    Rotax oil pressure fluctuations

    Based on your reply, you have an oil system problem, not an instrument issue. As jakej stated, don't fly until this is resolved.
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    Rotax oil pressure fluctuations

    If you think it's a Dynon issue or sensor issue you need further testing. Remove the oil pressure sensor. Connect it to an air pressure regulator with an analog gauge. Begin applying shop air to the sensor by controlling the pressure with the regulator. The readings should match with the...
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    Skyview ADHARS-200 failure

    No, it's not. Mine is 2011 and ~800 hours.
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    Show me the pages on the autopilot yaw control? It's in the software. It's not in the documents. Show me the procedures in the manuals for static/pitot testing? It's now different compared to the out of date manuals you reference. I count roughly 50 changes from version 15 to version 15.2...