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    Virtual glide slope problem

    I had a weird one the other day. I have dual Skyview 10” classic screens. I was coming into an airport from way out and noticed the glide slope on the right screen, when check engine data that I have over there. I looked back at the left screen, no glide slope? Hmm, weird, I ignored it, thinking...
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    GPS 2020 problems?

    My friend and I were having difficulties with his dual HDX panel and the 2020 antenna. He was getting POS source 1 fail. Today we got Dynon tech support to give us a call while at the airport and Jeff of tech support, and I, went through the setup. All settings were correct. Then I asked if...
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    ADAHRS Failure

    Tom, I’ve seen this kind of error on a system where the network wiring was not connected correctly, loose connections, and / or incorrect wiring. I mention it because you saw it come back on after a network config. Are you using Dynon cables or home brewed? Make sure they are all tightly screwed in.
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    Elevator Trim Indicator

    Thanks guys, we will give it a try.
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    Elevator Trim Indicator

    I helped my friend set up his HDX and we got the trim motors tied to the autopilot button control, with sensors tied to the EMS. Everything works right according to me, but he thinks the elevator trim indicator is the wrong way. So the motor and trim move correctly bit the indication on the...
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    WiFi problems again

    Yesterday I flew and the events were slightly different. I started up and turned on the Skyview screens. I then went to the iPad and it saw the Skyview network, tried to connect and the dreaded “Incorrect Password”. Slightly different than what has been happening. Usually it doesn’t see the...
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    WiFi Issues

    Well I update works perfectly, load on one screen and the other updates also. Never had an issue with that.
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    WiFi Issues

    Wow, where did that come from? Easy enough, but what would make you think that has anything to do with it?
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    WiFi Issues

    The WiFi issues appear to be consistent now that I have been watching it closely. I always wait to get the Skyview screens up and running before I turn on foreflight on the iPad. Once the screens are up and running I check that the iPad is connected in WiFi setup on the iPad. Sometimes it is...
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    WIFI Problems

    Today a different scenario. I started the plane and the Skyview screens. I then tried to connect the iPad. Nothing happened. I went into setup on the iPad and looked in WiFi setup. There was no WiFi a available. I shut off the WiFi switch on the iPad a couple of times, nothing. The I tried it on...
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    Is Garmin SL-30 and HDX an IFR Navigator ?

    Yes it's true and the SL30 meets the requirement, BUT, you are not going to be comfortable flying with only an SL30. I know guys do it. I started down the path to IFR capable, thinking that way and now have much more. Now a days you can get a 430W for around $5000, that and an SL30 and now you...
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    WIFI Problems

    I sometimes get “unable to connect”, I guess it times out, and then when I retry I get incorrect password. Try changing the password in the Skyview and then the iPad.
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    WIFI Problems

    Flew yesterday, and the same “incorrect password” problem. I changed the password in the Dynon and connected fine. The return flight connected fine. Changing the password does something for sure. I keep going back and forth with easy passwords. 11111111, then yesterday to 21111111. Next time I...
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    WIFI Problems

    The latest flight went well. I’m finding that if I get the dreaded “incorrect password”, I change the password in the Dynon and then try again with the iPad. When I get the incorrect password again, this time valid, because I did change it, I change it to the new one in the iPad, and it...
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    Classic Skyview Wifi burp

    All the time. Now it will work for a while and do it again. A real PITA. It's been constant for me for the past year and half or so. Read my post below WIFI problems.